A Love Note To Russell Wilson From Windermere

Dear Russell,

It’s us, your friends over at Windermere Real Estate. We wanted to take a minute to congratulate you on your recent $87 million (and change) contract extension. We think we speak for all 12s when we say we had a collective sigh of relief the moment your pen hit the paper. Phew! Now that that’s behind us, and you have some walking around money, we heard you might be in the market for a new home. But not just any home will do for the proverbial son of Seattle, so we took it upon ourselves to compile a list worthy of a Super Bowl champ. We know your favorite number is #3, so we took that, multiplied it by two (x2), and added one (+1). The result is seven hand-picked homes just for you – our favorite NFL quarter back:

Lovely in Laurelhurst | $10.6 million – One of the things we love most about you, Russell, is your commitment to Children’s Hospital. We hear that you make weekly visits to the kids at Children’s, so we thought a home near the hospital might come in handy. This classic Tudor beauty is right on the water in Laurelhurst and OOZES luxury. The gated entrance and surrounding brick wall provide privacy from those well intended (but sometimes crazy) super fans. There’s a guest house for Mark Rodgers when he visits (although after the contract he just got you, you might consider letting him sleep in the big house). And between Super Bowl wins, you can keep active in the pool and on the all-purpose sports court. There’s even a grassy knoll where your dogs can tend to their own business. What more could you ask for?


Modern & Masculine in Clyde Hill | $6,288,000 – Now, Russell, if you were to do one of those “What Architectural Style Am I?” quizzes on Facebook, we think this is what you’d get. It’s a Clyde Hill contemporary that’s new to the market (just like you) and sports a savvy, sophisticated style with masculine undertones (also like you). Some might underestimate the potential of this unconventional home on first glance (sound familiar?), but boy is it pure perfection with its sleek lines, strong arm, and amazing running game. Oh wait, that’s you, but you get the point. Oh, and did we mention the rooftop deck? Russell, this one is well worth your consideration.


Magic on Mercer Island | $8,889,000 – So, Russell, we hear that you like to boat over to the VMAC for practice. What a smart way to avoid the gruuuuueling Seattle traffic. When you buy, we figured you’d still want the option to commute by boat, so we located this TO-DIE-FOR waterfront estate on Mercer Island. The beauty about this locale is that not only can you boat to practice, but it’s a straight shot to the CLINK too. This home is all about the views, outdoor living spaces, and the incredible infinity pool that overlooks Lake Washington. Oh, and we know you like to golf, so we should point out that there’s a putting green where you can practice your short game. There might even be space for you to add a batting cage. Just sayin’.


Welcome to the Bellalago in Bellevue | $32,800,00 – Ok, Russell, we realize that this 11,500 square-foot masterpiece has a hefty price tag, but since you just signed an $87 million deal, we’re thinking that you can probably swing it. If you buy this home (which just happens to be the most expensive listing in Seattle), you’ll want for nothing. We mean NOTHING. It has a killer kitchen, movie theatre, gym, four master suites, eight bathrooms, four fireplaces, swimming pool, private beach, dock, and space enough to invite all the 12s over to play (YAY!). But we know you’re a stickler for details, so we think you’ll appreciate that all the stone used to build this house came from the same mountain in China. And if that’s not enough to impress you, all the interior woodwork (of which there’s  A LOT) is carved from one sinker cypress log found at the bottom of the Mississippi River. Russell: Buy. This. House. NOW.


Is this Tuscany or Queen Anne? | $7,500,000 – When you’re bringing home as much bacon as you are these days, Russell, you need a chef-worthy kitchen with all those fancy appliances to cook said bacon. Easy to do in this house. You also deserve a home with all the trappings a star athlete of your stature requires. Sweeping city and water views? Check. Media room? Yup. A huge bathtub for post-game soaks? That too. How about an elevator for those days when your muscles are too sore for stairs? You got it. All that and a gym where you can keep yourself in game shape during the off season. It really is the perfect package. Just like you, Russell.



Downtown Seattle Penthouse | $7,155,000 – Russell, it’s probably wrong of us to assume that you’re looking for a house; perhaps your idea of home is more along the lines of a luxury penthouse. If so, we can tell you that it absolutely, positively does not get any better than this 4,400 square-foot private residence at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Seattle. Not only are you a short distance from the CLINK, but you can live the high life while enjoying all the perks of being in a hotel (can you say room service?). And since the Four Seasons is pet friendly, your two Great Dane pups will be welcome too. #WOOF


High Style on Lake Sammamish | $6,450,000 – OK, we have to come clean. This one is for Ciara. No two ways about it. Just check out that closet . . . all her friends will have closet envy, we promise. And we recommend buying it with the furnishings (hello, Louis Vuitton furniture). This Lake Sammamish estate probably isn’t super practical for you since it’s quite a distance from both the CLINK and Children’s Hospital – and you can’t boat to practice (at least not very easily) – but it’s SOOOOO pretty. And it has everything a super star (and his super star girlfriend) could ask for. Marble floors, Swarvoski crystal knobs, 150-bottle wine cellar, African Moabi wood flooring. Even the garage doors are made from a rare variety of Mahogany (natch). We bet Colin Kaepernick has nothing on this crib. BOOM!


Russell, we hope you enjoyed our little tour of “Russell-worthy” homes as much as we did. We know you have #NoTimeToSleep, so let us know if we can do anything to help. At this point, all that’s really left to say is good luck with your home search and the upcoming season. Oh, and do us a solid and invite us to the house warming, would ya? #GOHAWKS



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